Frequently Asked Questions

What can't I store?
Perishable goods (e.g. food) and; hazardous substances (excluding fuel in the tanks of motor vehicles, boats or small engines).
How can I access my storage?
You use your own unique security card for 7 day access.
What are your Payment Terms?
  • We recommend automatic payment to our bank account which we can arrange with you or; you can pay by cash, cheque or EFTPOS at our Te Puna Office.
  • Payment is usually one months’ rental in advance before you begin storing. Your rental will extend automatically until you terminate your storage agreement. We require 2 weeks’ notice of termination.
What is your Minimum Storage Term?
A minimum of 1 month normally, although we may negotiate a shorter term to best suit your needs.
How do we prevent damp when storing?
  • Our units are clean and dry, with ventilation.
  • Ensure fridges and freezers are dried out before storage – and doors left ajar.
  • Washing machines should be drained.
  • Store your goods in sturdy cardboard boxes and cover all furniture with furniture blankets and/or similar covers.
What's the best way to store clothing?
In sturdy cardboard boxes, cloth or plastic bags. Place mothballs in containers. We can provide you with recycled boxes.
What's the best way to store beds and lounge suites?
Cover your beds, lounge suites etc. with plastic bags or sheets. We can supply pallets to put under mattresses etc.
What's the best way to store electrical equipment?
If possible, store electrical equipment in its original packaging. Alternatively, pack it in other boxes with a suitable ‘filler material’ in the gaps. We can supply recycled cardboard boxes of various sizes to meet your needs.
  • Place heavy items under lighter ones. ‘Bubble wrap’ paintings and mirrors and store in an upright position.
  • Keep items off the floor to improve airflow during long-term storage – Pallets and Cardboard can be used to cover the concrete floor. We can supply both.
  • Cover furniture and other items to be stored with old sheets, blankets or towels – especially if storing for a long period of time.
  • Label boxes with their contents – this makes location of stored items very easy.
  • Check that stored items are fully insured. We can provide full insurance cover at very competitive rates, if your policy does not extend to stored items.
  • Spray wooden furniture with a good furniture polish before storing.
  • Remove batteries from battery-operated appliances and toys to avoid damage from leaking batteries.
  • Apply a light coating of rust inhibitor oil to exposed metal objects.
  • Careful packing and the use of storage accessories, i.e. furniture blankets, mattress covers, bubble wrap, vacuum seal bags etc. will ensure your goods maintain their condition for the duration of your storage.
  • Wrap breakables (china/glassware) individually in bubble wrap or paper – packing them firmly into a strong box or tea chest. Fill gaps with crumpled paper to prevent items moving around. Mark the box FRAGILE and store carefully so that it cannot fall down.